Tuesday, February 08, 2005

technical difficulties 

I've been fiddling with some settings on my ISP control panel to try to deny hotlinking to my images (not a major problem at the moment but I like to promote proper procedures as a matter of principle - ask nicely folks). Anyway, I'm struggling to suss out how it works so the pretty pictures may come and go a bit while I get my dim head around how these things work. Normal service may or may not resume at some unspecified point in the future. Well, obviously in the future, it's already happened in the past hasn't it.

It's working. Your pictures aren't appearing when your RSS feed comes up in Bloglines, it being technically a different site and therefore hotlinking. Not complaining or nuffink... No, really, it's fine...

I may have just fixed that. Possibly.

not yet you ain't...

so maybe you need to allow the IP of the server on which you're hosting this blog:

host daveshelton.blogspot.com

daveshelton.blogspot.com CNAME blogspot.blogger.com

blogspot.blogger.com A

so maybe if you could allow 66.102.15 (as a range)

to be honest I have no idea how this might work...
It may not be the server that is hotlinking that is causing that is being blacklisted, but the addresses that pick up on the hotlinked image - in which case it's going to be nigh on impossible to manage...

but you could approach it from the other direction - put this setting for controlling hotlinking on - keeping an eye on the stats for the server & then denying the specific IP's that keep cropping up all the time... as long as they are not just regular visitors to the blog, all will be fine.

This is all assumedly because you have bandwidth usage troubles at your host...



Actually, no, I've had no bandwidth problems I was just a bit miffed to spot someone appropriating an image of mine without asking. I would have just asked them nicely to stop if I could have tracked them down but it wasn't that simple. Mainly I just wanted to promote a polite and respectful attitude to this stuff: don't steal images or bandwidth, it's rude.

Also, I figured it kind of made sense to avoid any possible bandwidth issues in the future by working these things out now. Though clearly, as yet, I haven't.

I'll fiddle with it a bit more over the next few days and if I can't suss it out maybe I'll just turn the security thing back off. Keep me posted as to how bad things get.

Actually, I think my webspace was buggered for a brief spell around when you posted, Paul so maybe it was just that that was the problem?

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