Friday, February 11, 2005

technical difficulties 2 

Spent much of yesterday convinced that my website and the pictures on this blog were busted only to eventually discover that they were only busted when I tried to look at them but were fine for everyone else. Something to do with my webspace provider's firewall blocking my IP address for login failures (do I understand what that means? Do I bollocks). Anyway, I finally tried turning my router off and back on again and that fixed it. Just wish I'd thought to do so several hours earlier.

Customer service from said webspace folk (www.me2uweb.com), incidentally, was prompt and helpful in stark contrast to the recent NTL debacle (now, thankfully, resolved. You don't really need to speak to a supervisor but your demand to do so doesn't half make the customer service monkey you're talking to pay a bit more attention).

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