Thursday, February 24, 2005

nostalgic hairdo sighting 

Saw one of these on the train the other day:

Oh my, the classic combination of severe male pattern baldness and a ponytail. Hadn't seen one in years. Didn't Phil Collins go for a similar look at one point or was that just some horrific nightmare I had? Or there was that band in the '80s - the half hit wonders who did The Politics of Dancing - I'm sure their bass player had the same 'do. There's just no excuse is there? Shave it all off and get a hat.

I just hope this wasn't meant to be some kind of post-modern, oh-so-ironic anti-fashion statement. If it was then the statement it made was "I need a haircut". Given that the chap in question got off the train at Cambridge, though, it's altogether more likely that he's the world's leading expert in quantum physical microbiochemical engineering or something and just doesn't give a toss about what he looks like. Even so - if you've got a brilliant mind, all the more reason to look after it and put a hat on, surely.

NB Today's drawing is relevant to the text! Will wonders never cease?

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