Monday, October 11, 2004

the cartoonists' cartoonist 

An unexpected treat in Saturday's post: Mark Stafford, the most tragically underemployed cartoonist in Britain, has produced (most beautifully) a slim volume of his Scenes From Books I Have Not Read. Despite it being an edition of only 60, he saw fit to send me a free copy. Hurrah! It is a thing of strangeness and beauty (and, on one or two pages, of rather frightening pinkness) and, presumably, is not available at all good bookshops.

Further good news was enclosed on a postcard which informs me that Mr Stafford's collaboration with a major name in UK comics (not sure if it's public knowledge yet so excuse the coyness) is going ahead so presumably the great man's work will finally reach a wider audience in the not so very distant future. And not before time.

I got a badge too. Cool.

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