Thursday, September 09, 2004

Oh, those Russians 

Anybody know what this means:

Неделя бухгалтера ?

I've been getting a load (100 or so a day) of "mail undelivered" type emails from various delivery systems/mailer daemons/whatever lately because some Russian spamming operation is forging an email address of mine onto some of their output (from which the above is the first line). And I'd really rather they didn't. I really ought to put that particular address out of commission anyway as, even without this latest onslaught, it's been somewhat hammered with spam (spammered?) for a while now.

I read somewhere recently that last month actually saw a small reduction in spam. In August it only accounted for 85% of all email traffic rather than 90% (figures are approximate, I'm working from memory here, but they were there or thereabouts). Only 85%. Well that's all right then.

Dictionay.com rather helpfully translates it as "Week Of The Bookkeeper". I trust that clears everything up.

"Week of the Bookkeeper"? What do you reckon, is that a festival for accountants or a horror movie freely adapted from the works of Kafka?

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