Friday, August 27, 2004

Out of the past 

Bit of a surprise yesterday: I had a phone call from the art editor of Health Service Journal saying she'd been looking at the sample art booklet I'd sent them and asking if I wanted to do a rush job for them (a cover, to be completed by this afternoon). I said yes and, assuming she's happy with the result (which is oh so slowly transmitting itself to her as I type), I finished it with time to spare.

The odd part of this is that I've never worked for HSJ before and the sample booklet I sent them was back in November 2001. Normally "We'll keep your work on file and be in touch if anything suitable comes up" means your work is currently under the short leg of the wobbly desk and there'll be ice skating in Hades before they call you. It's like the art editors' version of "I really like you as a friend..." But apparently it can, occasionally, be true. Dear readers, take heart: there is still goodness in this world.

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