Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Listen news 

Blimey, it's been nearly a month. Shameful. I do apologise. I was busy, busy, busy for a while there but things are altogether more sensible now.

I got the Listen strip finished on time and delivered it to the mighty editorial team about a fortnight ago. My 4 page story (ridiculously titled "Jellybeanboom!" - I do apologise) is pretty average but that shouldn't be enough to put anyone off what will be a 120ish page book when it comes out later in the year. And there are ten other cartoonists contributing so there'll be plenty to choose from. Just the fact that Marvellous Mark Stafford (I've plugged him before and, no doubt, I shall plug him again) has contributed a lengthy strip ought to be enough to drag unpleasant cataracts of anticipatory drool from the mouths of the comic-buying public at large. Add to that work by Nick Abadzis (one of the top five nicest men in comics and a tip top talent too), Gary "I'm in the Beano, me" Northfield, Glenn Dakin, Paul Peart-Smith (I remember when he was just Paul Peart you know), Matt "the handsome one" Abbiss, Patrice Aggs, genius Tom Gauld, Steve Marchant and Malcy Duff and I'm sure you'll realise that my pages could easily be barely noticed amongst the good stuff.

Anyway, I'll let you know when it's out.

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