Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Common 'taters 

By the way, those nice people at Blogger.com have given me a comments function so now you can point out all the mistakes I make and argue with me and stuff. Or just say rude words ("bum!") like that.

Have fun.


This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Hmm, yes I get the gobbledygook problem myself pretty often but refreshing the page always sorts it out. Are you using Mozilla by any chance?

And should "moncat" read Mooncat? Is that you Mr Schroeder?

mooncat - yeh - monocat - whatever:
ooh - I do a picture thing now as well - y'know:

anyway - i tried to post another shortly after saying all was well on the refresh - then it all went tits up big style & my computer refused to link to blogger which was all frustrating - then I had to leave the computer - & then I only just remembered to come back & say
well that was all jolly weird - wasn't it?
i sorta like it when gibberish rises to the surface like that...

Oops. Accidentally deleted Mooncat's first comment in an "ooh, what happens if I press that button" moment. I'll be more careful in future.

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