Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Slow progress 

Well Monday turned out to be a bit of an "I can't draw" day (they happen from time to time) so that was a bit unhelpful. Yesterday was, thankfully, an "I can draw tolerably well" day so I got a bit more done on the jobs in hand but also tried to bend my brain around understanding HTML so that I might eventually have a website worth visiting. As usual I'm taking a very bumbling approach to this task - examining odd sections of online HTML guides for beginners, viewing the source code of pages when I see something I like the look of - rather than trying any kind of sensible orderly method of learning. As such we might reasonably expect a marked improvement in daveshelton.com in about a year or so's time I should think. Shortly before I absent-mindedly forget to renew my rights to the domain name and lose it to a Formula 3000 racing driver or a country rock bass player in fact.

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