Saturday, March 24, 2012

a forthcoming appearance 

I don't think I've yet mentioned that I shall be attending the very lovely Hi-Ex comics expo in Inverness next weekend. I'll have copies of my own Good Dog, Bad Dog and A Boy and a Bear in a Boat on sale, as well as Nelson (to which I contributed four pages). I'll also be cheerleading for The Phoenix, sketching for anyone that asks, and appearing on a panel about British and Irish comics. This will be my third time there, and my first time sat behind a table on my own (two years back I was there with a posse of DFC alumni - Sarah McIntyre, Gary Northfield and gentleman Jim Medway - for company) so to stop me from feeling lonely do drop by and say hello.

And I'll have no excuses about it being a bit too far out of your way - I'm going there by train from Cambridge, so there!

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