Wednesday, December 14, 2011

from the archives 

Daler, A6 sketchbook number 11, begun 2nd January 1998.

Oops. Forgot the archive post entirely last week and a day late this week. Sorry. But you're all too busy Christmas shopping and stuff to notice, right? Right?

Anyway, a double helping now, by way of apology...

Ah yes ... I drew a two page comic strip version of the Tom Waits song Frank's Wild Years. I believe it's since been lost. The world need not weep.

"Wellyissimo", though. Well done me with that. Um, assuming it wasn't something I liked that someone else said and all I did was write it down. This is often a problem I have when I look back at old stuff: there'll be a gag or a line of dialogue or a phrase that I like and I can't remember if it was something I came up with myself or something I liked that I just noted down in admiration. I try to remember to acknowledge my sources a bit more often these days but I'm far from consistent.

All pictures go big if clickified.

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