Tuesday, December 20, 2011

advance word 

Advance word on me book, over at the Forbidden Planet blog, from "Mae in Year 4" here.

I liked it because of the excitement – I loved the way all of these exciting things just kept happening to them by accident, and it was really funny.

Thank you, Mae.

Hi, Dave, just read about your book over on Thomas Taylor's blog - it looks superb: from the cover alone I am buying it.

Mae's comment surely heralds the voice of a future leader - brilliant.

Thanks very much, Rachel, (both for the kind words and the sale). I hope you enjoy it.

Now that the book is actually out I'm interested to see how it gets on in the big wide world. I'm proud of it, I think it's pretty good (in as far as I feel able to judge without a bit more distance from it) but now I'm waiting to see what anyone else makes of it, whether or not anybody buys it, whether or not it even gets into a decent number of shops in the first place, if it does get bought then whether or not it's enjoyed...

The waiting to find out might drive me mad if I didn't have a load of other stuff to get on with urgently.

Anyway, ta very much and do let me know (genuinely either way) what you make of it.

It must be a tense yet exhilarating time, I bet.

"A boy and a bear in a boat" is now sailing to NZ. There are two great indie book shops in Auckland, I'll be sure to name drop you next time I'm in :)

And I'll definitely let you know, in all honesty, what I think.

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