Tuesday, December 20, 2011

advance word 

Advance word on me book, over at the Forbidden Planet blog, from "Mae in Year 4" here.

I liked it because of the excitement – I loved the way all of these exciting things just kept happening to them by accident, and it was really funny.

Thank you, Mae.

from the archives 

Daler, A6 sketchbook number 11, begun 2nd January 1998.

Ah yes ... I drew the logo for a record company back in the day. Go me!

Admittedly, Stupidcat Records were more familiarly known as "Rachel and Andy from downstairs" at the time and they only ever put out about half a dozen 7" singles as far as I remember. But still, the logo was all right. Cat with its tongue sticking out and wearing a dunce's cap. Sophisticated stuff.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

from the archives 

Daler, A6 sketchbook number 11, begun 2nd January 1998.

Oops. Forgot the archive post entirely last week and a day late this week. Sorry. But you're all too busy Christmas shopping and stuff to notice, right? Right?

Anyway, a double helping now, by way of apology...

Ah yes ... I drew a two page comic strip version of the Tom Waits song Frank's Wild Years. I believe it's since been lost. The world need not weep.

"Wellyissimo", though. Well done me with that. Um, assuming it wasn't something I liked that someone else said and all I did was write it down. This is often a problem I have when I look back at old stuff: there'll be a gag or a line of dialogue or a phrase that I like and I can't remember if it was something I came up with myself or something I liked that I just noted down in admiration. I try to remember to acknowledge my sources a bit more often these days but I'm far from consistent.

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some sketchbook scraps 

You know, for a change...

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