Monday, October 04, 2010

talking of DFC alumni... 

So Sarah McIntyre's Vern and Lettuce (see previous post) began life in the DFC (also the home to my Good Dog, Bad Dog) as a strip that I thought looked pretty but didn't really amount to much. I changed my mind about it in no time at all. It got better and better and my initial reaction got wronger and wronger until V&L became my favourite thing in the DFC by some distance.

Then Fish-Head Steve by Jamie Smart arrived. It was manic, mad and madly inspired. It was strange and original and full of an incredible verve and energy. And it was hilarious. I really hope it makes it into book form as a future DFC Library release.

Now, that's a really enticing prospect in itself but now you can also salivate at the possibility of Fish-Head Steve the animated series...

See the trailer pitch here and hope and pray and make sacrifices to the gods or devils of your choice in the hope that someday it will come to pass.

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