Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Whereas I've had a bit of a wake up call, specifically my bank calling to tell me that nearly 600 quids' worth of fraudulent transactions have been made with my debit card details over the past couple of days. Eek!

Terribly fashionable at the moment don't you know. I was robbed of £200 at a cashpoint in Holborn on Sunday. I hope you get everything back.

As far as I can tell I should get everything back, and probably quite soon so, hopefully, no great harm done. Whereas your experience sounds proper 'orrible. What's the police attitude to this kind of thing in smelly London these days? Do they try to do anything much or just chalk it onto the statistics?

nice pic! I had bank phone be recently within 40 minutes of someone trying to use my credit card number fraudulently, i was amazed that the bank had spotted a pattern, when we were all over the country at that time. all sorted no probs. scary tho !

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