Monday, November 03, 2008


Working on a cover and a strip for the DFC. Spot the deliberate mistake...

My thought process:

No strings on the guitar?.. no that's just style.

Upside down and back to front letter on sign? no, might not even be a sign...



If only I had spotted it as quickly as you...

Haven't yet decided whether to add the other arm or just insist that "he's a one-armed trumpet player! You got a problem with that, buddy?"

Oh your dogs are great!

If you are getting technical on the muzak refs tho, you have graced the sax player with an unusual style - usually your left hand plays the top keys from the left side of the horn and the right one plays the lower keys from the right side...but am sure there won't be any bum notes.

keep up the good werk ;)

Oh bugger...

But ta for the kind words.

dog knows how to hold a sax properly? Snd the trumpet player just has his arm down at his side and is playing with a single hand, which is perfectly simple, even for a dog that doesn't know what he's doing...

Actually the lack of strings and frets worries me more.

I mean: "what dog" and "And"


The sax playing dog is so good that he can play really well even with his hands the wrong way round.

The guitar player is so bad that the rest of the band stole his strings to stop him from ruining things. (They let him stay in the band, though, because he has a van).

The trumpet player now has two arms.

I'm very curious about the big pink fluffy thing on the right!

The "big pink fluffy thing" is part of Fifi LaConfiture's hairdo - which is always a pleasure to depict.

Personally, I'd give the dog a second arm (or is that a leg). But even if the hands, instruments or whatever aren't convincing, the expression on the trumpet playing dog is absolutely beautiful. Perfect.

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