Saturday, September 20, 2008

inky fingers 

So I'm now working on the final episode of The Dogs' Dinner (episode four - featuring the return of Fifi LaConfiture and a predictable Edward Hopper pastiche - in today's Guardian, online versions of all the episodes to date readable here, if you must, but better to buy the paper and get your fingers inky). I've vowed, rather randomly, not to shave again until it's all done and dusted. As such, it's all gone a bit wild man of the mountains hereabouts, by my standards anyway, though nothing to rival the chinly thatch that goodly mister Joel Stewart has sometimes been known to sport.

Anyway, here's a sneaky peek at a panel from episode seven. He's the bad guy. Boo!

Next week I shall be finishing off the finish finally and talking with Lovely Ben, my editor, about what to do next.

And then the week after that I shall most likely be sleeping.

Hi Dave,

Will a collection of these strips be available in a printed format after the newspaper release? I'm thoroughly enjoying the work itself but I have to say that reading it single panel by panel (click advance) isn't much fun. On a slower connection waiting for the ads to load kinda interferes with the experience.

Hi Tim. There is talk of a book release eventually, certainly, but I've no details as yet. When I've anything definite to report I'll post about it no doubt. I should think it'll be a while off yet though.

very keen to see what you look like with some facial attire. Could you post a picture?

Nope. I have a policy of avoiding photos of myself on this blog (of my face, at least - my elbow did appear at one point). I think there are three or four drawings of me by others but no photos. In fact I'm quite keen for there to be as few photos of me as possible on the internet as a whole.

But if you are who I think you are then email me and I'll send you a snap.

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