Thursday, July 13, 2006

not cover 

This is how the cover of Sophie And The Locust Curse is not going to look.

I was asked, after some initial roughs of a very different design, to try out a more "high concept" kind of cover design with locusts seemingly eating the cover itself in a trompe l'oeil kind of a way and this is the rough I knocked together. Having seen it the folk at Andersen decided to revert to something more straightforward, I think mainly to be more inkeeping with the first Sophie book. And I think they were right too, though I'd be interested to attempt a finished version of a more design-led cover sometime.

In other news: the bid on the page of doodles on eBay currently stands at £31.00. This is roughly £30.50 more than I was expecting at this stage.

I like the way you have drawn the locusts, Dave - looking good. Nice idea about the cover-eating. Whatever you and Beccy decide is good though.

I just got the Locust Curse cover through from Andersen, Dave, and it's absolutely brilliant. I am hugely impressed at your sensitivity to ambiance and your ability to draw really cool-looking locusts. Nice one. (Haven't seen the chapter pics yet, but very much looking forward to that)

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