Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Just...about...going to...make it... 

Of the various googly-eyed history jobs due to be finished by next Monday all are now complete save for the (rather large) task of inking and colouring in a three page comic strip containing more than the usual amount of detail (which slows down the colouring process no end). So I'm most likely working long hours at least up until Saturday night and quite possibly through Sunday too. I'm very glad, then, that in amongst the convoluted and time-consuming battle scenes there is one panel that is pure black. If I knew who had written the script I would commend him personally and encourage more of this kind of minimalism. (An aside: I seem to remember that Grant Morrison and Rian Hughes's reworking of Dan Dare - late '80s/early '90s? in some short-lived British comic - included a wholly blank page in one of its later chapters. I always wondered if Hughes actually submitted artwork for this and was paid accordingly. I hope so. Maybe he got to complain that they'd printed it upside-down too).

Anyway, I'm disappearing back into the dim recesses of my studio for a few more days. I shall try to be more interesting upon my return next week. Hopefully there will be pictures too.

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