Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a Brum do 

I shall be attending The Birmingham International Comics Show the weekend after next (October 4-5). As a proper guest! With my name on a badge and everything! Like a real professional!

I found your Hopper Pastiche, on Internet. so fun! I like Hopper and pastiches.
good luck at Birminghan

Thanks, Aliette.

Every cartoonist has to pastiche Nighthawks at some point in their professional life. It's the law.

See you on Saturday, Dave. It's about time you were badged!

Oh bugger. I so very nearly went (I was hoping to go and meet Duncan Fegredo) and it would have been cool to see you there.

Was it good fun?

It was okay. That is to say it was a well run show with some good people there and some interesting panels and stuff but my personal experience of it was only okay. More to do with the oddly subdued mood I happened to be in that weekend than anything to do with the event itself.

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